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Entrance Process

This awards programme is open to all organisations  involved in the Cleaning & Hygiene Industry - companies large and small, membership and accreditation organisations and government departments including local and county councils.

Our aim is to highlight and reward sustainability practices throughout our industry and thus create a positive lasting impact on the environment.

So, if you, your organisation, your team, or your invention are making a difference, directly or indirectly to people and the planet, you are eligible!

In order to create fair and equal awards participation, there will be no charge to enter.


Entry deadline: 23rd December 2022

Judging process: January 2023

Awards ceremony: 15th March 2023

How to Enter

  • Entries for the awards have now closed.

  • As stated, there is no charge to enter.

  • Submit all details as requested, including:

    • Nominator name

    • Nominator company name

    • Nominee name

    • Nominee team/company

    • Nomination project name (if appropriate)

    • Up to 500-word narrative on the nomination

    • In the narrative, include all numerical and statistical data

  • Please upload videos, documents or any other type of supporting material that will add value to your submission.

  • Submissions should be complete by the 23rd  of December 2022.


Judging process

  • All entries will be reviewed by a team of specialists - our judges. Points will be awarded based on the quality of the submission. Focus will be on quantifiable proven sustainability benefits.

  • The top 5 awards in each category will then be passed to our highly qualified and experienced judging panel.

  • All judges will review and score each award according to our pre-defined criteria. Scoring will be done by each judge separately. Each judge will be awarded ownership of one category, and In the event of a tie, will have a final say on the results. If a decision is not possible, awards may be given to multiple winners.

  • Even the judges will not know the total scores of all awards, and the winners will only be announced on the night.

General criteria 

Environmental Social Governance

  • Environmental

    • Circular Economy

    • Responsible Procurement

    • Recycling and/or waste management

    • Energy and water efficiency (incl CO2 savings/offset)

    • Pollution Reduction

    • Material Conservation

    • Biodiversity

    • Other – Please state


  • Economic

    • Cost reduction with environmental outcomes

    • Integrated process, documentation, or technology

    • Supply Chain improvements

    • Provision of environmental data

    • Other – Please state


  • Social

    • Safety of Staff

    • Wellbeing

    • Cultural & Traditional Support

    • Other – Please state


  • Measurable Benefits? (please include measurement data in narrative)

  • How/What tool was used to measure it?

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